American Bar Association

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  2. March 24, 2014 5:23 am

American Bar Association

With more than 400,00 members, the American Bar Association (ABA) is one of the largest voluntary professional organizations in the world. Membership in the ABA is open to attorneys and law students. Unlike the various state bar associations in the United States, no attorney is required to be a member of the ABA. The ABA states that its most important functions are establishing academic standards for law schools and developing the model code of ethics for attorneys. The code has been adopted by 49 states, the District of Columbia and United States Virgin Islands.

The ABA provides many services for attorneys, including Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses to help keep lawyers sharp and informed and a Career Center where employers and jobseekers can search for potential candidates and jobs. The ABA also provides books and publications covering many areas of the law and topics of interest to the legal profession. Many of the books are considered to be the definitive word about the area of the law they address.

The ABA is also involved in governmental advocacy. ABA witnesses testify before Congress, the Executive Branch and other governmental entities regarding matters that impact the legal profession and the administration of justice. Members of the ABA meet with members of Congress to discuss matters of importance to the legal profession. The ABA submits written comments advocating its views regarding issues of interest to Congress. The ABA also is a grassroots lobbying organization, distributing periodic notices to state and local bar associations advising them of legislative developments that require a concerted action.

The ABA’s website contains quite a bit of information about the organization, how it operates and what it does. It is a very useful tool to help attorneys and others who interested in the law in learning what issues are confronting the legal profession.

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