The Oyez Project Provides Supreme Court Insight

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  2. March 24, 2014 5:24 am

The Oyez Project Provides Supreme Court Insight

Ask any law student who has taken constitutional law and they will tell you that the Oyez Project from the Chicago-Kent College of Law is one of the best and most necessary resources on the entire Internet. The site was designed by that particular school as a connection between the Supreme Court and the people who want to follow it. Often times, the Court can be confusing, and its rulings can become muddled. The Oyez Project’s website has distilled the Court’s decisions down into different formats that are easily consumed by people who need the information.

Case Transcripts and Decision Reports

When you want to learn about a case, you can simply search through the website to find the appropriate review. The site provides a short review of what took place in the case, including the facts and procedural history. In addition, it provides a breakdown of how each of the justices voted during the proceeding. This makes for easy reading for those people who are trying to understand the Supreme Court for the very first time. People looking for current cases can do so at

A Multimedia Approach to Detailing the Court’s Activities

The Oyez Project has gone one step further, providing a multimedia option for people who are more interested in the legal arguments. Individuals can download the oral arguments just as they came out of court. This can make it very easy to review what was said by both parties and the justices themselves. The site also features an RSS option, so people can get their Supreme Court fix whenever they need it. With all of these great resources combined into something easy to use, the Oyez Project has become a must-visit destination for students, attorneys, and anyone else who has reason to study the Court’s activities.

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